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Learning to roll with the punches and make a sucky day awesome

2 nights ago I thought to myself that by 11am Friday I’ll be at 9 to Thrive, handing out my perfectly designed flyers, making new friends, meeting my fellow LMBs, rocking my businesswoman vibe and basically having a blast while increasing awareness of my growing bookkeeping business. 11am Friday has come and gone, and instead of schmoozing with like-minded women, I binge watched Pokemon XY in my PJs, eating Krispy Kreme donuts that I probably shouldn’t and drinking organic tea (well, it…

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Reconnecting Lost Ties

  In a time where technology is supposed to bring us all closer together with friends and family, we have never been more disconnected to each other than ever before. How many times have I seen families out to dinner with their heads down, all looking at their phones or people you’re “friends” with on social media walking straight past you on the street without a second glance. Now, we count our friends by the numbers on our social media profiles.…

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Networking – why i think it’s important

Being a business owner can quite often be a lonely journey. Unless friends or family members have had the experience of owning a business themselves, it’s very hard for them to relate to the issues that I have to deal with on a regular basis. The pressures of managing cash flow, the regulatory requirements of employing people and the process involved in running the day to day operations of a business are not easily understood by those that haven’t been through it themselves.
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