No, I’m Not OK

 NO, I am NOT OK because my uncle/landlord has decided to renege on our agreement and is now almost doubling our agreed on rental rate.

NO, I am NOT OK because this means that we cannot afford it and now have to look for somewhere else to live.

NO, I am NOT OK because our home loan application with the bank was rejected all because of 1 dishonoured payment back in May that has since been rectified.

NO, I am NOT OK because I feel so much hate towards my uncle and other relatives for ruining our lives.

NO, I am NOT OK because after only 6 months I will now have to uproot my family to go and live somewhere else.

NO, I am NOT OK because what’s happened in the past 2 months has made me want to give up time and time again and question why the hell am I doing all this for.


I WILL BE OK because I have friends that give a shit about me more than my relatives do and ask me if I’m OK and offer their help and support.

I WILL BE OK because I have fantastic parents who love me and will back me up no matter what.

I WILL BE OK because I have the love of a wonderful, wonderful man who will do anything to make sure that we will be ok and that I can face any problem knowing he is right there beside me.

I WILL BE OK because I have the unconditional love of my little boy who relies on me to be strong and to show him to get up when life knocks you down. That it’s OK to ask for help because there are people who love you.

But not everyone has someone to help them to get through the hard times. Today is R U OK day. Take the time not just today but on a regular basis to ask someone if they are OK and really mean it. Those 3 simple words may help someone who desperately needs it.