New facial recognition settings on Facebook

If you didn’t already know, Facebook recently introduced a new function where it can automatically identify people in pictures. While a great example of the leaps and bounds that the social media site has undergone, what seems to have annoyed people┬áis that they didn’t tell its users that they had rolled it out.

To me, the most annoying thing is that they enabled the function as a default, rather than allowing its users to make the choice if they want to turn it on. So, because I can be petty and spiteful when I’m not given a choice, I turned the facial recognition off. But they don’t make it easy for you so here’s the step by step guide in all it’s glory:

> Go to the Privacy Settings screen in your Facebook account

> Click on “Customize Settings” in the bottom centre of the page

> In the section called “Things Others Share”, click on the “Edit Settings” button next to the item “Suggest Photos of Me to Friends”

´╗┐> Enable/Disable the option as per your personal preference

> Voila! you’ve successfully turned off facial recognition in Facebook!