Earrings and Accessories Giveaway

For a bookkeeper, I have a creative side. I think I need to balance my bean counting and create beautiful things before I go cuckoo.

A previous business/hobby of mine was making jewellery from clay and selling them at markets. While packing all of my crap worldly possessions to get ready to move house, I came across these pieces that I made a while back.


Yummy Charms

Hair Clips

Earrings - Green

Earrings - Green 2

Earrings - Black

Ironically, I can’t wear earrings unless they’re gold. My lobes go crazy itchy if I wear anything else (well, that’s what I tell Fruit Man anyway). Seriously, I really can’t wear earrings for long period of time so I just don’t.

Anyway,  to save these babies from a lifetime spent in boxes unused, I want to share the love and give them away to my bloggy friends and readers.

All you have to do is subscribe (either by RSS or by email) and tell me what your favourite piece of jewellery is and why.

There will be 3 winners who will get 2 items of their choice (each picture is considered an item, even if there’s more than once piece featured). Giveaway is open to all entrants and I will happily post them out standard mail to all corners of the globe.

Entries close 4th of November and winners will be notified by email.

PS. They’re all made by hand with clay, apart from the earring hooks and cufflink metal thingy’s.