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My Reading List

With the Aussie dollar going gangbusters against the greenback, I’m one of the many that have taken advantage of its buying power and shopped online. Not for clothes or shoes, since I still prefer to try my clothes on, but for books. For some reason that I’m not prepared to delve into at this moment, books are hideously more expensive in Australia than in the US or UK. As a bibliophile, it becomes an expensive hobby so I tend to buy from Amazon or The Book Depository. Even with the shipping, it always works out cheaper and with The Book Depository’s free shipping to most countries, I save a lot of money.

The only exception to this overseas spending spree is that I always buy local when the book is by an Australian author. I want to offer them my support and I’m sure their royalties get diluted somewhere along the line if I purchase from overseas.

So I thought I’d share my most recent buys as I’m pretty excited with this batch. There’s nothing like opening a box full of new books. Who knows, you might rediscover an old favourite or find a new one.
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