Mario and Friends – a story

The Meatball was at my mum’s house the other day and at the grand old age of 5, has the aspirations to be a writer (good for him!).

Mum tells me he was typing away on her laptop, stopping only to randomly ask how to spell words and would then go back to his typing, giggling the whole time. The whole project was shrouded in secrecy and wouldn’t let her look at what he was doing.

Before he went home, she was finally allowed to see what he wrote. She was then sworn to secrecy and not allowed to tell anyone, especially his mum. So naturally, mum emails it to me (she only promised not to TELL).

So after squealing like a banshee about the cuteness of it all and showing Fruit Man, I thought I’d share it with you all.

Mario  wants  to  kiss  peach  in the  castle. Then came a monster and peach got scared and she ran away very very  fast. Bowser took her to bowser’s castle. Then Mario saw Luigi and he asked “Where is your princess”. Luigi answered, “she’s in bowser’s castle.

Luigi  was  visiting  Mario’s  house  and  they  went  to  yoshi  and  everyone  went  to  peach.

Isn’t it cute? Oh, and to clarify, this hasn’t been edited. All the quotation marks were done by him. Can you believe it? Quotation marks!! At 5!! All I could do at 5 was colour in pictures of apples!

What skills have your kids surprised you with? Something that you never thought they would be able to do at their age?


Earrings and Accessories Giveaway

For a bookkeeper, I have a creative side. I think I need to balance my bean counting and create beautiful things before I go cuckoo.

A previous business/hobby of mine was making jewellery from clay and selling them at markets. While packing all of my crap worldly possessions to get ready to move house, I came across these pieces that I made a while back.


Yummy Charms

Hair Clips

Earrings - Green

Earrings - Green 2

Earrings - Black

Ironically, I can’t wear earrings unless they’re gold. My lobes go crazy itchy if I wear anything else (well, that’s what I tell Fruit Man anyway). Seriously, I really can’t wear earrings for long period of time so I just don’t.

Anyway,  to save these babies from a lifetime spent in boxes unused, I want to share the love and give them away to my bloggy friends and readers.

All you have to do is subscribe (either by RSS or by email) and tell me what your favourite piece of jewellery is and why.

There will be 3 winners who will get 2 items of their choice (each picture is considered an item, even if there’s more than once piece featured). Giveaway is open to all entrants and I will happily post them out standard mail to all corners of the globe.

Entries close 4th of November and winners will be notified by email.

PS. They’re all made by hand with clay, apart from the earring hooks and cufflink metal thingy’s.

No, I’m Not OK

 NO, I am NOT OK because my uncle/landlord has decided to renege on our agreement and is now almost doubling our agreed on rental rate.

NO, I am NOT OK because this means that we cannot afford it and now have to look for somewhere else to live.

NO, I am NOT OK because our home loan application with the bank was rejected all because of 1 dishonoured payment back in May that has since been rectified.

NO, I am NOT OK because I feel so much hate towards my uncle and other relatives for ruining our lives.

NO, I am NOT OK because after only 6 months I will now have to uproot my family to go and live somewhere else.

NO, I am NOT OK because what’s happened in the past 2 months has made me want to give up time and time again and question why the hell am I doing all this for.


I WILL BE OK because I have friends that give a shit about me more than my relatives do and ask me if I’m OK and offer their help and support.

I WILL BE OK because I have fantastic parents who love me and will back me up no matter what.

I WILL BE OK because I have the love of a wonderful, wonderful man who will do anything to make sure that we will be ok and that I can face any problem knowing he is right there beside me.

I WILL BE OK because I have the unconditional love of my little boy who relies on me to be strong and to show him to get up when life knocks you down. That it’s OK to ask for help because there are people who love you.

But not everyone has someone to help them to get through the hard times. Today is R U OK day. Take the time not just today but on a regular basis to ask someone if they are OK and really mean it. Those 3 simple words may help someone who desperately needs it.

5 Things

This weekend, Fruit Man is off work for a whole weekend since he started his new job as a fruiterer (hence the name). I didn’t realise how much he actually did around the house, so here’s a list of 5 things I love about the man (had to limit myself to 5, otherwise I’d be here all day trying to get to 10).

5 Things I Love About Fruit Man

  • He irons all our clothes (including unmentionables). I HATE ironing. He earns super mega bazillion brownie points for this.
  • He scoops up all of Ahsoka’s poop. She’s a big dog. They’re MASSIVE.
  • He cooks a special dinner on the Sundays when he is home. The ones that sit all day on the stove, to turn into awesome yummy goodness by dinner.
  • He knows the way to my heart isn’t with flowers but with yummy fresh fruit and veg (flowers schmowers. I can’t eat flowers).
  • He does reading in Meatball’s kindy class in the mornings when he has a day off.

‘Cause I’m all about balance, he’s only human and there are some things Fruit Man does that annoy the crap out of me as well.
5 Things I Hate About Fruit Man

  • He drinks milk out of the bottle
  • He then leaves said milk out on the bench instead of putting it back on the fridge
  • I ask him to take out the rubbish. He says he will. Two days later it’s still there. I ask him again, same answer. I get the shits and take out the damn thing myself and get bin juice on my feet.
  • He irons all our clothes in one big batch and then MAKES me put them away (I mean really, he’s come this far right? Doesn’t take much to go that extra step).
  • I end up doing the washing from the special Sunday dinner.

Love you Stinky, even though you drive me batty.

The Other Xtina

Anyone been watching The Voice on TV lately? It’s certainly broken my TV drought and I can now be seen fighting for TV time with my boys to watch it when it’s on. I’ve always been a fan of Christina Aguilera. Throw in spunky Adam Levine from Maroon 5 and well… I’m hooked.


Speaking of which, I am loving the song “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera. It’s on loop at the moment while I work.


What’s on your playlist at the moment?