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Would you turn your hobby into a business?

One hobby of mine is making jewellery. To create something beautiful out of random materials makes me so happy. Nothing brings me so much joy than seeing friends and family appreciate gifts I made for them myself. I made a necklace and bracelet set for a friend’s daughter 3 years ago and I’m told it’s one of her favourite pieces of jewellery and is stored in the “special” jewellery box. Another is sewing and quite often I make clothes for myself.…

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Updates from a long lost blogger

Wow – 3 months of not writing. As can occasionally happen, life gets in the way of blogging. Now that I’m back to not having a life my routine, I can get back to writing. Firstly, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. I, for one, could not wait until 2011 was over. While there have been some highlights, the majority of it has been craptastic. To fill you in on what I’ve been up to,…

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How do you get motivated?

Sometimes I get a little unmotivated and I find it hard to get myself to do some work. Working for myself, there are times when I get so immersed in the day to day work, I find myself losing a bit of direction and motivation. Being responsible for so many things gets a little overwhelming. So here are a few things that help me to get the excitement and drive back:

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When it rains, it pours

We all have days where nothing seems to go right. Today was one of those for me. After working until 1am this morning, I had overslept and was running late in dropping my son off to my dad’s place and made him miss his doctors appointment. It also started to rain once I got my 4 year old (who has no grasp of what it means to hurry up) in the car and left the house (I was dressed for sunny weather in a dress and Havaianas). On the train on my way to work, I had a brief reprieve and was able to read a book. I thought that was the end of it, but lo and behold, I had gotten off the train and was walking down the stairs when I realised I had left my umbrella in the train just as the doors were closing and the train was pulling out of the platform. Oh, and its also THAT time of the month. Normally it wouldn’t be so bad, but considering that my husband and I have been trying for Bub #2 for close to 6 months, I was definitely not a happy little Vegemite.
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Instilling customer loyalty

My husband was recently given a new Playstation 3 through a promotion from one of his suppliers. So of course, this meant a trip to our local game shop to buy a new game to play on it. No, we didn’t go to EB Games or JB Hi-fi. Not even Big W or Kmart. We went to a small local business called Sunbury that my husband has been a customer of for the past 21 years.

Yes folks, you read it right. 21 YEARS. He has been buying games from this shop since he was a teenager. From his Atari console (remember them?) to his most recent game purchase for the new PS3, he has purchased them all from this one store. Sure, we’ll go to the big stores and have a look at new releases, but we will always go to Sunbury to make the actual purchase.

As business owners, we all dream of finding that client who is loyal and stay with us for years. In today’s competitive environment, price seems to be the key to getting new customers. Consumers are given so much choice that they can afford to shop around and tend to go the business that gives them the best price. If they think that what you’re offering is too expensive or someone else gives them a better price, they switch.
For anyone providing a service or selling a product, this means that it’s now becoming more difficult to retain customers for the long term. So I decided to find out from my other half what keeps him coming back and how this store has managed to instil such unswerving loyalty in such a fickle industry.
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