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Learning to roll with the punches and make a sucky day awesome

2 nights ago I thought to myself that by 11am Friday I’ll be at 9 to Thrive, handing out my perfectly designed flyers, making new friends, meeting my fellow LMBs, rocking my businesswoman vibe and basically having a blast while increasing awareness of my growing bookkeeping business.

11am Friday has come and gone, and instead of schmoozing with like-minded women, I binge watched Pokemon XY in my PJs, eating Krispy Kreme donuts that I probably shouldn’t and drinking organic tea (well, it was too early for alcohol…)

Why? Well, it’s all about the company. My 10-year-old had to stay home today because he’s running a fever.

I’ve had more than one occasion where I had to make a choice between being a mum and my business. Each time I’ve chosen the first. Didn’t even have to think twice each time it happened. The primary reason why I got into business was so I can be around for my family and be around I will be. There have been moments (like today), where I do curse the sucky timing though.

So, how to turn moments like today where my day has essentially gone down the toilet? Certainly not by staying where I was!

So, I got up off the couch, moved to the kitchen table so I wasn’t distracted, made another cup of tea less the donut and used the time to catch up on developing business strategy that I’m normally too busy to spend time on.

As a result, this was what I achieved today:

  • Created new bookkeeping service packages with transparent pricing for Vixen
  • Booked into networking events for the next 3 months
  • Wrote 2 blog posts (in addition to this one)
  • Created cashflow reports for our clients
  • Set up processes for Vixen
  • Did some research on a couple of new business ideas
  • Made some pina colada popsicles (for me of course. Meatball’s too sick for popsicles *grins evilly*)

I could’ve just as easily sat on the couch all day, staring blankly at the TV or spending the day on social media and stalking the people at 9 to Thrive. There was a time gone by when I would have done exactly this. But having that attitude didn’t get me anywhere. All it achieved was me resenting the fact that I was at home, getting impatient and cranky at my son for being sick (not that he could help it). Instead I stopped feeling sorry for myself and was productive, an attentive mother and was all the better for it. Being a businesswoman and a parent don’t need to be mutually exclusive things. The more I roll with the punches, the more I find myself being productive on a daily basis.

Life happens, and we will never have control over these little hiccups but what we do have control over is how we manage it and how we react to it. For a mum in business like myself, I find that it’s always more rewarding to take the more challenging path.

Happy weekend!



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