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School Holidays and the Working Mum

When you run a business from home, nothing screws up your routine like school holidays. The constant need for the Meatball to be entertained, fed and supervised makes me appreciate the reliability of our regular routine when school is on. I dread the Easter holidays even more than usual though. With the Meatball’s, his best friend’s and my father in law’s birthdays and the Easter long weekend all happening in those 2 ever so short weeks, they create the perfect storm of stress, panic and utter inability to work.

Not that I mind, of course. As a parent, I love the fact that I can stop what I’m doing to take an hour (or five) to play Lego with my son. But the business owner in me is screaming at me to get back to work otherwise I’ll be pulling another all-nighter to get everything finished. My inner parent just smacks that side of me over the head with a hammer, telling it to shut up while my inner child backs them up for daring to interrupt Lego time a la Herman’s Head (now I’m REALLY showing my age).

Part of my screw up with school holidays is the fact that I don’t stick to my timetable as much as I do during school. I know I should, but I don’t. Living with my parents and having limited space and time together as a family, I feel guilty saying no to the Meatball. Especially when I get heartbreaking comments like “No one wants to play with me” or seeing the sad face when I tell him I have to work and I can’t play.

Maybe it’s also the fact that he’s an only child and has no one his age to spend time with. His friends live about 25 mins away so it’s not always practical to just pop by for a visit. And because it’s not our house, I don’t like inviting friends and their kids over too often. To be fair, I tried organising a play date with his school friends at a park but it rained.

So I admit to breathing a sigh of relief when I dropped the Meatball off at school earlier this week. I got to work when I said I would, went to a mentoring session after lunch then back to work and basically had such a productive day. Actually, the whole week itself has been productive.

But next holidays, I promise myself that I’ll be good. I’ll stick to my timetable and I’ll work on being firm and say “no” if I have work that needs to be done. I’ll plan playdates well in advance and have a backup plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Can other work at home mums give me some tips on how they stay sane and get work done during school holidays? Or do you not even try and just totally scale down the amount of work that you do?


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  • I still haven’t cracked this one out, sorry! I feel your pain though!