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5 Things

This weekend, Fruit Man is off work for a whole weekend since he started his new job as a fruiterer (hence the name). I didn’t realise how much he actually did around the house, so here’s a list of 5 things I love about the man (had to limit myself to 5, otherwise I’d be here all day trying to get to 10).

5 Things I Love About Fruit Man

  • He irons all our clothes (including unmentionables). I HATE ironing. He earns super mega bazillion brownie points for this.
  • He scoops up all of Ahsoka’s poop. She’s a big dog. They’re MASSIVE.
  • He cooks a special dinner on the Sundays when he is home. The ones that sit all day on the stove, to turn into awesome yummy goodness by dinner.
  • He knows the way to my heart isn’t with flowers but with yummy fresh fruit and veg (flowers schmowers. I can’t eat flowers).
  • He does reading in Meatball’s kindy class in the mornings when he has a day off.

‘Cause I’m all about balance, he’s only human and there are some things Fruit Man does that annoy the crap out of me as well.
5 Things I Hate About Fruit Man

  • He drinks milk out of the bottle
  • He then leaves said milk out on the bench instead of putting it back on the fridge
  • I ask him to take out the rubbish. He says he will. Two days later it’s still there. I ask him again, same answer. I get the shits and take out the damn thing myself and get bin juice on my feet.
  • He irons all our clothes in one big batch and then MAKES me put them away (I mean really, he’s come this far right? Doesn’t take much to go that extra step).
  • I end up doing the washing from the special Sunday dinner.

Love you Stinky, even though you drive me batty.

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  • Awww how sweet and hilarious! Yes we still love them even if there are even ifs 😉 I’m the ironing queen at home though.

    • Hey K,

      Yes, they are absolutely endearing and aggravating all at the same time.

      And you couldn’t pay me to iron so kudos to you – I’d rather mop the floor all day….