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Month: August 2011

5 Things

This weekend, Fruit Man is off work for a whole weekend since he started his new job as a fruiterer (hence the name). I didn’t realise how much he actually did around the house, so here’s a list of 5 things I love about the man (had to limit myself to 5, otherwise I’d be here all day trying to get to 10). 5 Things I Love About Fruit Man He irons all our clothes (including unmentionables). I HATE ironing.…

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The Importance of Financial Reports

In order to be aware of how well/bad your business is doing, as a business owner you need to be able to understand your financial reports and what they represent. It doesn’t do to just keep trading and hope for the best. One of my former clients was a family run business. The wife handled the office administration while the husband ran the operations. She could never understand why their business always struggling financially. She knew that there was something…

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