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When it rains, it pours

We all have days where nothing seems to go right. Today was one of those for me. After working until 1am this morning, I had overslept and was running late in dropping my son off to my dad’s place and made him miss his doctors appointment. It also started to rain once I got my 4 year old (who has no grasp of what it means to hurry up) in the car and left the house (I was dressed for sunny weather in a dress and Havaianas). On the train on my way to work, I had a brief reprieve and was able to read a book. I thought that was the end of it, but lo and behold, I had gotten off the train and was walking down the stairs when I realised I had left my umbrella in the train just as the doors were closing and the train was pulling out of the platform. Oh, and its also THAT time of the month. Normally it wouldn’t be so bad, but considering that my husband and I have been trying for Bub #2 for close to 6 months, I was definitely not a happy little Vegemite.

On more than once occasion I was sorely tempted to get back on the next train home, go back to bed and sleep away the horrible morning I was having. I could have told my client that I wasn’t feeling well and that I wasn’t going to come in today. Why not? I work for myself and I no longer have to explain myself to a boss. I have 2 employees that work for me. The profit they generate from today should cover me.

It is at times like this where I am grateful for the fact that I am stubborn, even with myself. I decided I wasn’t going to waste a day and went to work and got through the day. I crossed off a couple of items on my task list and felt much better. I may have been a little more quiet than normal, but I was productive. And therein lies one of the dangers in being your own boss. If I had succumbed to the temptation of going back home, I would have wasted a whole day’s income. Not only that, what would have been the point of my dad missing his doctor’s appointment? If I go home today because of a few minor things, how would I then react if something really big happened? Gradually I would become more and more complacent because I had given in that first time. In my opinion, mental laziness is a greater threat to any business than cashflow or staff management. External challenges can be overcome as long as one has the drive, ambition and a bit of creativity to face the hurdle and find a solution. But once laziness sets in, it overrides those feelings and you are defeated by yourself way before something/someone else does.

But even with all these issues that I had to deal with today, when I came home to a husband who made Arancinis for me for dinner and a son that ran up to me for a big cuddle calling “Mummy” as if he hasn’t seen me in months, the black mood that had settled over me today disappeared. So tonight, as I sit on the couch drinking a glass of wine while writing this post, hubby next to me playing PS3 and the little one sleeping peacefully upstairs, I’m almost grateful that I had so many problems this morning. Why? Because it makes me appreciate times like this even more.

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