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Help Wanted: I’m Recruiting!

With a couple of new clients this month, I now find myself working 6 days a week. So to help ease the workload and to get me back to managing the business instead of working in it, I’m now in recruiting mode.

Although I have 2 almost full time staff and 1 casual, they’re all people I know so this is the first time that I’ll be going through the whole recruitment process. I’ll be advertising, filtering through resumes and conducting interviews. It’s not the first time I’ve had to do this as recruitment was one of my tasks in a previous job but I’m a little excited as it’s another milestone for the business. You should have seen how excited I was when I wrote out my first superannuation cheques. Sad, I know. It may sound a little silly, but to me this whole process just moves the business out of the start-up phase and signifies that we are now in one of growth.

One of the things that drive me to succeed is so that I can provide opportunities for other mums like myself to have a true work-life balance. I’ve worked for more than one company that promised flexibility in working hours and very few have delivered. I certainly don’t blame them, as part of the disconnect between what was promised and what actually happened was largely due to a lack of understanding about what my situation as a working mum truly was. Hopefully, now that I’m in the position of employer, I can provide the work environment that I could not find before.

I am of the belief that the employer/employee relationship is one of give and take and understanding from both sides of each other’s situation. As an employer, I’m very flexible about working hours, training and remuneration. However, I also expect a commitment from my staff to work to the best of their ability. Respect must be earned by both sides for the working relationship to flourish.

So with these desired outcomes in mind, I’m now going to write my job ad. Updates will follow about the search for a new member of the Vixen family. Wish me luck!

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